Steve Acheson’s passion is clear. Film and television production get him going. He is one of the Gulf South’s leading Steadicam owner/operators having worked on a wide variety of film and television productions.

Steve learned the Steadicam craft from some of the best known and widely respected names in the industry. He studied at the Steadicam Operators’ Association Workshop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he was taught by Master Steadicam operators including Garrett Brown, the inventor of Steadicam; Jerry Holway, the co-author of the “Steadicam Operator’s Handbook”; and Mike O’Shea, the President of the Steadicam Operators’ Association.

To further perfect his craft, Steve spent two years under the tutelage of Jerry Jacob, a pioneer of modern Steadicam operation whose credits include the Academy Award winning film “Monster’s Ball”.

“With Steadicam, you’ve either got the ‘touch’ or you don’t. It’s not something that is easily taught…and Steve’s got the touch. He’s going to be around doing Steadicam for a long time.”  Jerry Jacob Steadicam Master

With a skill set ranging from Steadicam operator to audio to electrician, Steve Acheson’s presence on your crew will be met with knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.